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Client Name: RentalHouses.Com

Client Website: www.RentalHouses.Com

About: is the Internet's premier source for online rental house advertisements. In 1997 Robert Massey, Jr. founded as a response to the need for an online listings service for rental homes. The apartment listing world had already been dominated by players such as, and Rob saw a niche market for his idea.

Solution: BluegrassNet Development has been a part of the team since April 2003. Our staff has helped RHC develop plans for their entire infrastructure, from conception to execution. The original web system was riddled with bugs and was not a solid platform for the amount of traffic visiting the website. BGND performed high level analysis on the future plans for RHC and designed a plan to start small but allow for future system expansion.

The solution is built using a Linux based system programmed in PHP and backed up by a PostgreSQL database. The original RHC system was quite simple in design; a front-end to search for property, and an account management system to list properties. As the popularity of the site grew, so did the need for new features and system designs to maintain the ever increasing traffic. The site saw countless new features to help RHC keep a leg up on the competition by adding more property management tools for the users of With the expansion of the new features and traffic demands, BGND engineers saw themselves back at the drawing board finding new server solutions to handle the growing users. now offers a fairly complete property management solution entirely online, and always accessible for its users. BGND has worked with to design revenue producing ideas and solutions for the RHC users. In addition, we have created back office programs to help manage payment options for outside sales representatives and revenue reports for accounting purposes.


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