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Internet Integration

When it comes to the "Internet"... BGND is the "go to" resource in our region.  There is no firm in the Greater Louisville, Kentucky area that has more experience and years on the job than those of us at BGND. Our experience comes from building and managing the systems and networks for BluegrassNet (Regional ISP) and then supporting the many customers with the elements of their business that touch the Internet.

If you need help...

  • trying to figure out what type of Internet connection is best for your business, call BGND.  We realize that it isn't always about price, and that the Internet connection you rely own needs to support your VPNs and Applications.  We will steer you in the right direction.
  • deploying or maintaining firewalls.
  • getting some ideas on how to get performance out of your servers at the best price, yet maintaining quality of service.
  • finding someone reliable to fix your servers, such as e-mail servers, web servers, database servers... chances are we have done it before.  We work on both Microsoft and Unix.
  • figuring out how to back-up your data, or push your data to an secondary location, give us a call, we do that all the time.  We are experts at Veritas and MS Solutions.
  • planning out infrastructure expansion.  We can steer you through the myriad of telephone companies, hardware vendors, and everyone else trying to sell you things you don't necessarily need, we will be ombudsman in the world of IT.
  • dealing with the viruses, spyware, and other security breaches that are slowing your systems down to a crawl. 

Some of our Internet Integration services include:

  • onsite and remote server management, both Microsoft and Unix.
  • network build & repair: fiber, wireless, routing, switching, security
  • learning your applications and making sure they are running properly on your systems
  • application (software) design and deployment.


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