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Network & Server Management

In today's world, your organization's IT department plays a key role in the success of your business. Whether you are dealing with multiple locations, dozens of servers, and 200+ employees or running a small business with a server or two, BGND prides itself on providing honest and effective network and server management support. 

The BGND staff works as "your team" to make sure you get a quick response on answers to your questions and trouble resolution.   Our staff's multiple skill-sets allow us to "do what's right" for a customer rather than try to make a square peg fit in a round hole.  Our objective is to recommend the right solution while considering future implications for your business and budgetary reality.  

Network Management:  Extensive Experience

Put our extensive experience in managing one of Kentucky and Indiana's largest private IP networks, BluegrassNet, to work for you.  For example, our staff has practical experience in setting up and managing end-to-end Cisco based networks.  This includes working with the various routing protocols on everything from the Cisco GSR/12000, Cisco 7500's, Cisco Managed Switches, to the smaller Cisco end-devices such as the 2600 and 1700. Wouldn't you want a technical resource with that experience building and maintaining your network?

Another example is that BGND can build you network management devices that will help you manage your own network, thereby improving uptime and saving money by indentifying problems BEFORE they happen.  Perhaps, an economical network and server monitoring system based on opensource tools that run on FreeBSD and Linux servers? Or maybe an issue  tracker/trouble-ticket system for your organization?  These are all wonderful tools to make your company more efficient, thereby resulting in savings in the long run.

Server Management

BGND has on-staff professionals that are fluent in both Microsoft and Unix based server operations.  Our relationship with the client can come from many different angles.  We can build you servers to your spec. and will maintain them on an ongoing basis if that is what you need.  We can work with your employees to insure proper operation of whatever software you need for your business.  This includes us learning the respective software, becoming experts at it, and then being the long-term IT resource for that application.  We can take over servers that are not being run well.  In fact, we are adept at discovering what is going wrong, fixing it, and working with the client to insure future smooth sailing.  BGND sys admins are proficient in BSD and Linux (most varients including Redhat) unix systems.  We are extensively involved in a myriad of projects that depend on expert use of opensource systems and development tools.   Here is a short list of server related skillsets:

  • Microsoft Server 2000 through 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Building Clusters and Cloud computing systems
  • VMWare and server virtualization
  • Unix Varients:  FreeBSD, Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Fedora)
  • Enterprise high availability servers and software applications
  • IT infrastructure monitoring

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